Easter at its best

Festive treat at Van der Valk

At Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants, the holidays are celebrated extensively. Every hotel and restaurant try their very best to put together the most attractive selection of activities and packages for these days.

A lovely Easter festivity

Easter ...  the feast of the resurrection,  a returning enjoyable event each year. The winter has passed, the nature awakens, spring has begun. Easter is often celebrated with delightful culinary festivities, during which you can join a real search party for (chocolate) eggs. A celebration you can join in almost all of our Van der Valk hotels en restaurants.

Easter at its best at Van der Valk

A happy Easter without working your but off? Where else than at Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants. Our hotels and restaurants, which are well known for ther warm hospitality and given comfort will be there for you!

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Underneath you can find an overvieuw of some of the activities of all the Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants.





Hotel Assen
Hotel Emmen
Hotel Spier-Dwingeloo


Hotel Almere
Hotel Emmeloord



Hotel Drachten
Hotel Hardegarijp - Leeuwarden
Hotel Sneek
Hotel Wolvega - Heerenveen



Hotel Arnhem
Hotel de Cantharel
Hotel Duiven bij Arnhem A12
Hotel Harderwijk op de Veluwe
Hotel Tiel


Hotel Groningen - Westerbroek
Hotel Groningen - Zuidbroek


Het Arresthuis
Hotel Kasteel Bloemendal
Hotel Heerlen
Hotel Maastricht
Hotel De Molenhoek - Nijmegen
Theaterhotel De Oranjerie
Hotel Stein - Urmond
Kasteel Terworm
Hotel Venlo



Hotel Cuijk - Nijmegen
Hotel Eindhoven
Hotel Gilze Rijen
Restaurant-Motel Gilze
Hotel Nuland
Hotel Princeville
Hotel 's-Hertogenbosch Vught



Hotel Akersloot
Hotel Haarlem
Hotel Purmerend
Hotel Schiphol
Hotel Volendam
Hotel Wieringermeer



Theaterhotel Almelo
Hotel Hengelo
Hotel Zwolle



Hotel Amersfoort A1
Hotel Breukelen
Hotel de Biltsche Hoek
Hotel Hilversum - de Witte Bergen
Hotel Houten
Hotel Leusden - Amersfoort
Hotel Vianen



Hotel Goes
Hotel Middelburg



Hotel ARA
Hotel Avifauna - Alphen a/d Rijn
Hotel Den Haag - Nootdorp
Hotel Den Haag - Wassenaar
Hotel De Gouden Leeuw
Hotel Dordrecht
Hotel Leiden
Hotel Ridderkerk
Hotel Rotterdam - Blijdorp
Hotel Rotterdam - Nieuwerkerk
Hotel Casino Sassenheim





Hotel Beveren
Hotel Brugge-Oostkamp
Hotel Brussels-Airport
Hotel Charleroi Airport
Hotel Dennenhof
Hotel Drongen Gent
Hotel Nazareth Gent
Hotel Nivelles Sud
Hotel Verviers
Schlosshotel Ballenstedt
Hotel Berlin-Brandenburg
Resort Drewitzer See
Airporthotel Düsseldorf
Alpincenter Hamburg Wittenburg
Hotel Gladbeck
Hotel Hildesheim
Resort Linstow
Parkhotel Schloss Meisdorf
Hotel Melle - Osnabrück
Hotel Moers
Golfhotel Landhaus Serrahn
Hotel Spornitz
Spreewald Parkhotel
Hotel Saint Aygulf (FR)
Hotel Barcarloa (SP)
Kontiki Beach Resort (Car)
Plaza Resort Bonaire (Car)
Tierra dal Sol (Car)
Golfresort Inverness (USA)





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